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About Tire Recappers

How does your retreading process work?

At Tire Recappers, all of our casings are carefully inspected before being remolded. Our tires are thoroughly buffed to remove old tread, allowing new, top-quality material to adhere to the casing during the recapping process. Once the recapping process has been completed, each tire undergoes a careful final inspection.

How long has Tire Recappers been in business?

We have been manufacturing high-quality, environmentally conscious, and affordable tires in the Nashville area since 1960.

Does Tire Recappers offer a Warranty?

Yes, for more information on our limited warranty and to learn how to make a claim, visit our warranty page.

How many miles per tire can I expect from a Tire Recappers retread tire?

You can expect at least 1500 miles per 1/32” of tread depth.

Are the pictures of the tires on your website the actual tires that I will be receiving?

The tread design shown is the exact tread design you will be receiving; however, the sidewalls may differ from the online pictures. The brand on the casing sidewall you receive may differ from our online pictures. Some of the brands we use are Michelin, Bridgestone Firestone, Kelly, Cooper, Bfg, Nitto and more.

Can you guarantee that all casings or load ranges are the same?

Due to casing supply, we cannot guarantee a matched set of four. Any set of four tires will always have the same load range. To specify a set of four matching sidewalls select match set, a specific brand, or a specific load range, please call our toll-free shop line at 855-507-3227. Please note:  this may delay shipping.

Can I ship my casing to you for retreading?

Afraid not. We exclusively use graded casings from established casing suppliers and don’t offer this service to our online customers.

About Retread Tires

What are the advantages of retread tires?

Modern retread tires are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and are safe for commercial, recreational. and personal vehicles. Retread tires cost a fraction of new tires, save 400 billion gallons of oil used in tire production annually, and federal regulations have mandated the use of retread tires on fleet vehicles since 2000.

Can driving with low tire pressure damage tires?

NEVER run a tire (retread or OEM) at less than manufacturer recommended tire pressures. If your tire pressure is too low it can lead to unsafe driving conditions, cause premature tire wear and/or failure, and can lower your gas mileage The correct air pressure for your tires can be found on the sidewall of the tire. Running the tires at less than recommended pressure also voids all Warranties.

Do I need to replace the valve stems when getting tires mounted?

To minimize the chance of unexpected air leaks, our Tire Experts always recommend replacing the valve stems when you’ve bought a new set of tires.

Will my retread tires balance as well as new tires?

All of Tire Recapper tires balance out the same as new tires. We recommend using the the Static method instead of Dynamic Method of balancing, and to evenly distribute on both sides of wheels where applicable. If your local shop, garage, or mechanic has any questions, they can call the Tire Recappers Shop Line (855-507-3227) and talk with one of our Tire Specialists.

Is it safe to tow with retread tires?

Yes. Our farm, construction, and truck tires are frequently used for towing. Be sure to adjust your air pressure for your towing load capacity.

Is it legal to put retread tires on both passenger cars and commercial vehicles?

Yes. Tire Recappers is a DOT regulated business and we stamp our DOT number in the sidewall of every tire we make. Retreads are legal to put on any passenger vehicle and most commercial vehicles. Some states do not allow re-treads on the steering axle of certain commercial vehicles. Check with your local Department of Transportation for more information.

Can I patch or plug retread tires?

Any nail hole or other repairable leak can be patched in the same fashion as a newly manufactured tire, from the inside out. External plugging repairs may void your warranty and we do not recommend the process for any tire.

What do the numbers and letters on the sides of my tires mean?

All tires carry these numbers and they provide information about tire size, recommended tire pressure, load range, manufacturer’s DOT number and more. For more information, visit Wikipedia, or

Shipping & Returns

How long will it take to receive my retread tires?

We ship within 24-48 hours of receipt of payment and you can track your order online using the tracking number on your order. orders with alternate shipping address may require longer processing times. As long as there are no weather delays, most US deliveries occur within 4-6 transit days; however, if you haven’t received your tires within 5 business day after payment, call us at 855-507-3227.

The retread tires I want to purchase are out of stock on your website. What should I do?

Occasionally we will run short of some casings due to availability or the tire size/design being phased out in favor of a different/more modern design. Call us at 855-507-3227 for more information.

Do you ship internationally or to Alaska and Hawaii?

We ship to the lower 48 states. Shipping not available to Alaska and Hawaii.

How can I return a product?

We do not accept returns without a previously issued RMA (Return Material Authorization) number. For more information regarding our returns policy, visit our returns page.

We will accept returns within 30 days of delivery only.

If there is a problem with your order or there is a need to return the tires you purchased online, please call the TRN Shop Line at 855-507-3227 or email us at

Credits will be issued to the credit/debit card used on the order.

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