Do Retread Tires Last as Long as New Tires?

Tire Recappers - How Long Do Retread Tires Last

Let’s face it, we love buying new things. Whether it’s a smartphone, dress shirt, or television, we prefer something brand new and out of the box. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best purchasing habit – financially or environmentally.

The stigma of purchasing used or secondhand items continues to prevail, but there are many benefits to recycled products. When it comes to retread tires, you save money, protect the environment, and ensure your safety on the road.

If you need new tires, take time to consider an alternative to traditional replacement tires. It’s time for the negative stigma of purchasing recycled items to hit the road.

How Long do Retread Tires Last?

So why are consumers and truckers afraid to purchase retread tires? There are pervasive myths claiming that retread tires are unsafe and have a shorter lifespans than brand new tires. Is this true?

Not quite. While there’s certainly a difference between a brand new tire and a retread tire, the variance is negligible. Retread tires are put under the same manufacturing standards and expectations as brand new tires, so you can expect them to perform just as well.

Major trucking companies, airlines, and even the military have invested in retread tires because of their financial and environmental friendliness. Commercial tires of any kind are engineered for safe driving over long miles, high speeds, and heavy freight. In other words, if retread tires are properly inflated and maintained, they can generally last just as long as new tires.

Benefits of purchasing retread tires in Nashville include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost savings
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Quick turnaround times

Are Retread Tires as Safe as New Tires?

One of the reasons retread tires carry a negative stigma is because of the rubber casings that litter the road. However, most tire scraps littering our highways are the result of poor inflation or poor tire maintenance. Retread tires are proven to perform just as well as new tires without sacrificing safety on the road.
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